Never give up on a dream that you really want and interests you.

 It's difficult to wait for the moment you achieve your dream, but it's worse to regret it.

I am a student at Mabolo National High School, formerly named Florencio Urot Memorial National High School, for expected 7 years under the K-12 curriculum. I am a blogger for a couple of months and the author of a former gaming blog website called Silt Crusher which you can see that it's deleted because I have started creating a better website that focused on gaming news.

I'm an editorial cartoonist on our school publication named Liwanag using the Filipino language as the main medium. I have won the 2nd place during the Division Schools Press Conference 2016 and felt very happy and proud. 

 I also have a background in programming. It all started during my grade 10 years where computer programming was introduced. At first, it was really mind blowing but then suddenly I found my self searching through different tutorials about programming. Until I got interested and realized that programming is nice and challenging. By the way, the language we used was Visual Basic and later we shifted to HTML. I'm so grateful to my teacher Mr. Romel Cinco for the opportunity to learn.